sábado, 10 de dezembro de 2011

Victoria’s Secret - 10 Years

Kurkova, 2006: Hearts On Fire Diamond Fantasy Bra: $6.5 million {Only $6.5 million? We're not impressed.}

Heidi Klum, 2003

Leading the "Project Runway" in a bra for $ 11 million.

Selita Ebanks, 2007: Holiday Fantasy Bra: $4.5 million {It is possible for a woman modeling a bra and underwear to be wearing too much.}

Karolina Kurkova, 2002: Star of Victoria Fantasy Bra:
$10 million
{It must not be comfortable, or she would be smiling.}

Miranda Kerr, 2011: Fantasy Treasure Bra: $2.5 million {And... we've learned nothing.}

Lima, 2010: Bombshell Fantasy Bra: $2 million {A happy medium...}

Marisa Miller, 2009: Harlequin Fantasy Bra: $3 million {Thank you! Back to basics! If by basics you mean a seven-figure bra!}

Adriana Lima, 2008: Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra:
$5 million
{Those wings are so hideous they might make a straight man look away. (We said might.)}

Gisele Bündchen, 2005: Sexy Splendor Fantasy Bra:
$12.5 million
{Honestly, all we see here is that distracting white Santa trim.}

Klum, 2003: Very Sexy Fantasy Bra: $11 million {Now this is how you work a bra that's worth millions, Karolina.}

Heidi Klum, 2001: Heavenly Star Bra: $12.5 million {The skirt has more material. We'd hate to ask how much it cost.}

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